Available as:
Standard Large, 200 x 125mm – 192 per pack / Approx. 19.2m (linear)
Standard Medium, 150 x 150mm – 240 per pack / Approx. 24m (linear)
Standard Small, 125 x 125mm – 1 per pack
Woburn Rumbled, 200 x125mm – 192 per pack / Approx. 19.2m (linear)

Kerbs are a great way to complete the look of your driveway, patio or path. Effortlessly combining style and practicality, while perfectly complementing any block paving and preventing vehicular overrun. Available in large, medium and small sizes, the range comes in a variety of shades to complement or contrast your driveway.

Accessories such as radius and corner units are also available. Kerb accessories are available in Brindle and Charcoal in large and small sizes. Rumbled kerbs are also available in large size to complement our Woburn Rumbled paving in 3 shades.

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Standard, Woburn Rumbled


Large Kerb, 200 x 125mm, Medium Kerb, 150 x 150mm, Small Kerb, 125 x 125mm


Autumn, Brindle, Red, Charcoal, Autumn, Rustic, Graphite